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When you need help with garage doors in Westminster CO, you need to work with experts that have the experience you need at the price you deserve. At The Garage Doctor, we offer quality service at an affordable cost because we know how important your garage doors can be to your day-to-day routine. From buying new doors to maintenance and repairs, we have the tools and qualifications necessary to tackle all of your overhead door need!

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Custom Garage Door Installation

Proper garage door installation is the key to a long-lasting door solution. If not done correctly, you risk lengthy and expensive repairs at your inconvenience. Whether it's for your home or business, our technicians will come to you to properly install your overhead doors. We work with the industry's top manufacturers because quality products are made to last.

Service & Repair

Even garage doors that are installed properly will run into some issues as time goes on. That's why The Garage Doctor offers 24-hour emergency garage door service. Things happen, and we can make the fixes necessary to get your life back on track. We are your experts in service and repair. Most common repairs can be completed by our trained technicians within a day - just call to schedule your appointment today!

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