New Garage Door Opener Technology

Technology is taking over new homes, and overhead garage doors are keeping pace. As garage door openers have advanced since the 1920s, the gains made in the past few years are the most startling. The new connected digital age is allowing homeowners have more control, enjoy greater convenience, and increase safety for their property and families.

As one garage expert says, “There are exciting new developments that show as the American home has continued to evolve with the speed of new technology, so has the garage. For example, some new openers let the homeowner control the garage door remotely by their computer, tablet, or smart phone. This could from inside the home, around town or practically anywhere.” The owner can track the state of the garage door from anywhere there is mobile access.

The new technology will report whether the garage door is opened or closed. It also allows the homeowner to provide remote access, if needed, perhaps to a family member or allow a delivery.

New openers now have timers that can be set for closure after a set time interval. This can be an important theft prevention feature. Some studies have shown that fifty per cent of home break-ins come through the garage. A garage door which has been left open when the owner forgot to close it is often the reason. By setting the door to close after a short interval, this problem is eliminated.

Another new feature that is now an option on many systems is battery back-up. This means that short power outages no longer require use of emergency release mechanisms.

New safety features such as infrared sensors which prevent a door from closing if there is something in its path are now much more common. This is especially important for families with small children. The Garage Doctor here in Denver supplies a full line of new technology devices.

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