Identifying Garage Door Track Damage

While your garage door itself might be in great shape, and your garage door opener could be functioning perfectly, you could still have problems with opening and closing your garage door. This is often due to damage to the garage door tracks. If you examine your garage door from the outside, it can be nearly impossible to notice garage door track damage. This means that in order to identify garage door track damage, you will need to go inside of your garage and inspect it there. There are a few ways to identify garage door track damage, and you should use all of the different ways if you want to ensure that you accurately assess the damage to your garage door tracks.

Identifying garage door track damage is fairly easy if you know what you are looking for. The first thing you should do is compare one side of the garage door track to the other. This will allow you to spot any differences in the two, indicating whether or not there is any damage to the track. If one garage door track looks different than the other, open or close your garage door and notice how the garage door moves as it passes that point in the track. If the wheels fall off the rails or if the garage door slows or fails to open or close, there is a problem with your garage door tracks.

While some damage to garage door tracks is fairly obvious, some damage is harder to spot. It can be something as simple as excess debris or rust that will prevent your garage door from opening and closing smoothly. Make sure that the tracks are lubricated well, and do your best to remove any dirt or debris from the tracks as this can make it difficult for the garage door to function properly.

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