How to Open Your Garage Door When the Power is Out

When the power is out, it can be difficult to gain access to your garage for obvious reasons. Your garage door opener is powered by electricity, and without electricity it will no longer function as intended. As a result you will need to manually open your garage door. This might seem like a fairly daunting task as garage doors are quite large and heavy objects, but many people are able to open their garage doors manually without any difficulty. This is made easy due to the part of your garage door known as the emergency release cord.

If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot open your garage door with the garage door opener or the garage door opener remote control, then you will need to go inside your house and into your garage to pull the garage door opener emergency release cord. The emergency release cord will be quite easy to identify as it is the only cord that will be hanging from your garage door opener. Pull this cord downwards and then you will be able to manually open or close your garage door without the help of electricity.

Once the emergency release cord has been pulled, it should be quite easy for you to manually open or close your garage door. Some garage doors will have handles on the outside of the door, so we recommend using this to assist in the lifting of your garage door. It helps a great deal with getting your garage door off of the ground, and it should make opening the garage door much easier. When it comes to closing your garage door, there isn’t a handle to help you close it, so we recommend that you close it from the middle of the door. That is, we recommend that you situate yourself in the middle of the garage door and close it from there.

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