How to Clean a Concrete Garage Floor

When doing routine maintenance and upkeep on your home and garage, do not forget about the garage floor. The garage floor can pick up difficult to remove stains from many sources, but those from a car or lawn machinery, such as a mower, are the most difficult to remove. Common tools and elbow grease will take care of most of these problems.

The process for cleaning the floor is a four step process and should cost about $50 and a couple of hours of your labor. The first step in the process is to remove as much of the oil and dirt as possible with cat litter. Sprinkle the cat litter over any stain(s). Use your feet, or a brick or other hard object to break the litter into fine fragments. This will increase the litter’s absorbency. Sweep up the debris with a stiff broom; discard the use litter appropriately, as with any petroleum waste. This step should remove any surface oils.

For the next step, a cleaning solution should be applied to remove soaked in residue. Use a commercial concrete cleaner. Spray on the stain and brush vigorously with a stiff bristled brush and work it into the concrete.

Pressure washing the concrete floor is the third step. The pressure washer should have the garden hose attached and water should be running into the washer before you start. Use care with the washer as the pressurized stream can uproot plants, etc. Aim the washer close to the stains. Also use the stream to remove mold or mildew stains, if any.

The last step is to check the concrete and then apply a sealant, if required. After cleaning the concrete, sprinkle a few drops of water on the surface. If the drops soak in within five seconds, go ahead and seal the concrete; if not, then this step is likely not necessary. Purchase a commercial concrete sealant; it can be found at any neighborhood building supply or hardware store. Apply the sealant with a brush or a roller for a smooth and low maintenance finish.

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