How to Choose the Right Garage Door Opener in Denver, CO

A garage door opener adds convenience to the operation of your garage door. It makes it possible to open your garage door without going outside or getting out of your car especially when it is too cold, windy or raining.

The right garage door opener for your door should meet your needs, fit your budget and be easy to use. Here are the factors to consider if you want to find the right garage door opener for your home in Denver, CO.

The Horsepower

Buy a garage door opener that has the horsepower strength required to operate your garage door. The right horsepower depends on the weight, balance, height, make and type of garage door you have. Measure your garage door’s size and weight and consult your garage door specialist or local dealer to determine the correct horsepower for your door.

Drive Model

The best drive model for your garage door opener will depend on the type and size of garage door you have at your home. If you have a single-car garage door, a screw, belt or chain drive model is sufficient. A double car garage door requires a screw or chain drive model. Screw and belt drive models are quiet during operation while chain openers are easier to fix without hiring a professional.

Installation choice

If you plan to install the garage door opener yourself, choose an opener with three pieces of rails and ensure that you assemble the pieces correctly. If you plan to hire a professional to install the garage door opener, choose an opener with a one-piece rail.

Safety and security features

Most of the garage door openers come with safety and security features that prevent breaking and accidents. The most important safety and security features to consider include a quick release mechanism for disconnecting the door from the opener in case of an emergency, ability to change codes and lock out other remote openers from activating your garage door.

Remote Control

A remote control makes it even more convenient to operate your garage door using a garage door opener. Determine the features and accessories you want in the remote control of your choice such as wireless keypads. Choose an opener with a remote control that has the features you want.

Type of Motor

Garage door openers use direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) motors and you need to select between these two. Most people prefer DC motors because they are energy efficient, easy to control in terms of speed, can accommodate a simple drive model and have a quiet operation. AC motors make it possible for the garage door to slow down at the beginning and end of a closing operation.

Choice of Brand

There is a variety of garage door opener brands in the market. Two of the most popular brands are Liftmaster and Genie. Liftmaster garage door openers have a reputation for having a quiet and smooth operation and being reliable and durable. Genie garage door openers also have a positive reputation, great security and safety features.

Denver Garage Door Service Specialist

After choosing the right garage door opener, selecting the right Denver garage door opener repair expert to perform the installation, maintenance and repairs of the garage door opener in the future is the next important thing. Research Denver garage door opener repair specialists online and read testimonials before selecting the best specialist. A reliable specialist should have a physical office with contact information, online presence, positive reputation and should offer a warranty for their parts and labor.

The above are the most important factors to consider if you want to choose the right garage door opener for your garage door in Denver, CO. Taking your time to determine the right opener for your garage door saves you time and money and ensures a smooth operation.

Finding the best Denver garage door opener repair specialist is also the best way to ensure reliable and accurate installation of the opener you buy.

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