How to Choose the Best Garage Door Repair Company in Denver

A garage door that won’t open is one of the most common problems homeowners face daily. Most people encounter this problem at the most inconvenient times like when leaving for work or at the end of the day when exhausted. Having the knowledge of what to do when your garage door won’t open in can help in such situations.

When your garage door fails to open, it could be because of a problem with the garage door itself or with the garage door opener. Here are tips on what to do in each case.

Determine if it is the garage door or garage door opener

If the garage door won’t respond to the remote controller, move closer to the door to ensure you are within range and check that the antenna on the motor unit is facing down. If the garage door opener is not responding to the remote control or wall switch, ensure the motor unit is plugged into a working power source.

If there is power and the opener still fails, push the reset button on the plug. If the opener still won’t work, check whether the circuit breaker is overloaded. If the remote control or keyless entry won’t work but the wall button works, replace the battery to fix the issue. If the remote still fails, follow the instructions manual to re-program the remote or keypad. If the remote or keyless entry still does not work, you may need to replace the whole unit.

If everything fails, disconnect the garage door opener from the garage door by pulling the emergency release rope attached to the trolley on the garage door opener rail. You can then open the door manually without relying on the garage door opener. You should call your Denver garage door specialist immediately to check and fix the issue.

The garage door won’t open due to bad hinges or rollers

The garage door may fail to open due to stuck hinges and rollers. Lubricate the hinges and metal rollers to enable the garage door to move up smoothly. Check for loose and broken rollers, cables and springs. If you have the skills and safety requirements, you can repair the garage door on your own. If not, call a garage door specialist in Denver to handle the repairs.

Springs help lift the garage door as they open and close. If some or all of the springs are broken, the garage door won’t open. Since a garage door with broken springs is dangerous to handle for anyone other than a professional, call a specialist to repair the broken springs. If the door won’t open because of broken springs, most likely the cables are also broken and need replacement.

If the garage door opens a bit but not completely, moving the limit switch towards the motor unit will fix the problem. If the garage door opens but the motor continues running, move the limit switch further away from the motor unit. Replace any broken and frayed springs, as these are responsible for pushing the door up as it opens

Consult garage door manual

Consult your owner’s manual to identify possible garage door problems preventing your garage door from opening and what you can do to fix the issue. Call local Denver garage door repair service who can repair the door professionally, safely and quickly. Also knowing the best Denver garage door specialist to call in case your garage door won’t open ensures that your garage door is fixed on time and working as it should to ensure the security of your vehicle and home, and prevent injuries to your family and pets.

Follow these Denver garage door tips if your Westminster CO garage doors won’t open.

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