Garage Doors for High Winds: Ways to Reinforce a Garage Door for Storms and High Winds

Homes located in areas that have high winds, need special precautions to ensure that they can withstand storms.

If your area is prone to high winds, you might want to think about having your garage door replaced, or reinforced. If your garage door gives way to the winds, then your belongings inside of your garage -and even your house- will be susceptible to damage.

By reinforcing your garage door, or replacing it with a garage door that is rated to hold up against high winds – you can help to protect yourself and your belongings.

When a big windstorm comes through, there is as much negative wind (wind trying to get out) as there is positive wind (wind trying to get in). Once an opening has been created, your entire house is compromised. If your garage door blows in or out, your house is compromised –especially if there is a significantly sized hole.

There are two main ways to prepare your garage door for high winds, protecting your home and belongings in case of a high windstorm.

A New Door

When purchasing a new garage door consider purchasing an impact-resistant door, to help withstand the high winds. Some garage doors can withstand winds up to 150mph! Be sure to talk with your garage door expert if you are unsure what door is best for your needs, or to help you to make the final decision when it comes to choosing your new garage door.

Your garage door is only as strong as the support structure that is surrounding it. Even with a new garage door, rated to withstand high winds, additional reinforcing may also be needed. Track brackets, included in the retrofit kit, can help to add additional support to your door. A garage door may be strong, but if the brackets aren’t designed to withstand – it won’t matter.

Reinforcing the Old Door

A reinforced garage door is a good option for newer garage doors, or for garage doors that just need some extra protection. A garage door is reinforced with a retrofit kit that includes braces to attach to the hinge to protect it from both positive and negative winds. Reinforced garage doors, if reinforced correctly, are able to withstand winds up to 180mph.

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