Garage Doors and Winter: Tips for Winterization

When preparing your house for winter, don’t forget the garage door!

Preparing your garage door for winter doesn’t take long. With a few minutes and some simple maintenance, you can prevent your garage door from experiencing premature wear, and requiring additional repairs.

The Garage Door

The door itself won’t require much work. A simple wash is generally all that is required to prep metal or vinyl doors for winter. Clean wooden garage doors with a dry, soft cloth. Wooden garage doors may also require a touch up with paint or stain to help protect the door from the elements.

Seals/Weather Stripping

Inspect your garage door’s weather stripping before winter. Weather stripping that is torn or rotten should be replaced. Weather stripping and seals are fairly inexpensive and provide valuable insulation to your garage, helping to seal in the heat. They also prevent water and ice from sneaking in under the door.

Tracks and Rollers

Dirt and grime tend to build up on garage door tracks and rollers. This can prevent the garage door from moving smoothly along the tracks. To help keep your door rolling smoothly throughout winter, clean the tracks and rollers with a concentrated household cleaner, and thoroughly dry.


After cleaning, be sure to lubricate metal components with a non-silicone based lubricant, such as motor oil. Lubrication is important for all moving metal parts, such as hinges, pulleys, and latches. Metal rollers should also be lubricated. For nylon rollers, only the bearings should be lubricated, avoid oiling the rollers themselves. Lubrication prevents the garage door from becoming noisy, and helps to keep it rolling along smoothly.

Garage Door Opener

Cold weather is especially hard on your garage door opener. Depending on the type of opener you have, the recommended maintenance will vary. Check your owner’s manual for a maintenance schedule.

The best time to perform these repairs is in the fall – before the cold weather hits. Simple winter maintenance can help you to keep your garage door in good condition throughout the winter months, and can help prevent unexpected breakdowns.

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