Garage Door Trouble Due To Cold Weather

Cold weather can be a nuisance. Mechanical devices are affected by it and the garage door is not an exception. The winter month’s arrival in Denver and surrounding areas means it may be about time to do some preventative garage door maintenance. Unfortunately, there are instances where even maintenance is too little too late and your garage door has already been compromised by the onslaught of freezing or below temperatures, snow and frozen precipitation like ice and sleet.

The main problem garage door owners face in the colder seasons is a garage door that just will not open. You can trouble shoot the problem pretty easily yourself, or call the Garage Doctor at 303-536-8683 to find out what their technicians think about the issue. Likely they will have a suggestion or plan for repair but you can find out as much as possible yourself, prior to a phone call. This can be a benefit to you for budgeting purposes and it is just good, in general to know and be familiar with issues you may experience again regarding your home.

The cause of a stuck garage door could be a number of things. Lubrication is very important during months of the year when freezing is a common occurrence. By lubricating hinges and joints of your garage door, you can help the entire moving parts slide smoothly along their course. If lubrication does not fix the issue, move on to check the brackets that the runners are held in. Make sure that the garage door is aligned correctly. The cold metal can come off track more easily due to extreme weather. An adjustment may solve the issue.

Electrical problems can be a more serious issue. Resolution of problems that are more complex and have to do with the mechanism of the garage door do require the skill of a professional. The Garage Doctor team will help your door get back in working order soon.

If your garage door is creaky and obnoxious on its up and down course through life during the winter months, this could be the result of a serious issue or it could simply be your garage door having a little bit harder of a time operating because of the weather. Lubrication, again, is key and could both prevent and fix the issue of a loud garage door.

Misalignment of metal parts, tracks and runners due to the cold weather or mechanical failure are both common issues for garage doors during the winter. Call the Garage Doctor of Denver today at 303-536-8683 for a consultation and estimate about your garage door repair.

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