Garage Door Preventative Maintenance

Several problems can occur with a garage door and, if the door is not regularly maintained, reduce its functional lifespan. Automatic garage doors are common and are more in need of regular maintenance than manual doors. The weather in Denver is highly variable across a range of temperatures and put added stress to the garage door mechanisms. Proper maintenance will prevent the need to call a garage door repair company.

Automatic doors especially require yearly inspection and upkeep. There are several key areas which, if inspected regularly, can be easily maintained. This will save money and extend the life span.

The Garage Door Sensors

Garage door sensors require a reasonable clear path to the controlling mechanism. Ensure all objects in the garage are clear of the sensors. Be sure to clean any dust that is collected by the sensors periodically, using a dry cloth.

The Garage Door Springs

Check the garage door springs. Keep the garage door springs well lubricated. Be sure to lubricate the rollers and the hinges as well. Do this every four to six months using lightweight oil.

The Garage Door Tracks

The metal tracks need to be checked regularly for cracking or dents that may prevent the rollers from working properly. Stiff resistance to an even movement needs to be repaired, even if a repair company needs to be called. Continued stress could harm the electric motor over time.

The Garage Door

Inspect the garage door and make sure each section is in its place and tightened properly. Also wash your garage door monthly to prevent corrosion.

Garage Door Key Pads

Finally check to see if your garage door key pad is mounted correctly and all the buttons are functioning properly.

Keep these tips in mind and have a regular schedule to keep the garage door working properly. Have a small checklist near the light switch or door keypad is a simple method of tracking. With proper maintenance repair costs can be minimized.

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