Garage Door Lubrication

Two parts of the garage door opener system need periodic lubrication. To do this properly, how the lubrication is applied is the most important technique. The lubrication to be used is also of some concern; do not just use any kind of grease you have lying around. Most importantly, use the chosen lubricant in moderation. Most people use too much and this can cause problems.

Lubricating the garage door opener rails

Again, be very careful not to apply too much lubricant; if there is too much on the rails of the automatic opener system it will drop down on your car. It will also drop onto the garage door – the result of this will be a straight vertical line down the door. As crew drive is not a roller bearing and the rails do not need to be packed in lubricant. After the rails have been lightly lubricated, run the door up and down three or four times and wipe away any excess grease off of the carrier trolley as it may ‘plow’ grease from the rails.

Lubricating the Rollers

Think of a railroad – the rails of the garage door opener system would be the railroad tracks and the rollers are the locomotive’s wheels. You do not need to lubricate the rollers themselves; you have already greased the rails. What does need to happen is that the attachment at the hinges be lubricated. Use a heavy silicon spray for this task. Angle the spray to get as far into the hinges as possible. This will prevent annoying ‘squeaking’ when the door is in operation.

A few final points:

  • Ensure the garage door is balanced. Often the door does not need lubricating, it needs to be properly balanced to prevent binding.
  • Normally lubricate the garage door once or twice per year. If the door is used a great deal, once a quarter should be sufficient.
  • Never use WD-40! It is a solvent, not a lubricant. It will dry out whatever lubricant there is on the door and increase the friction of operation.
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