Denver Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips

The garage door opener is one of the most important component of the garage door. It makes opening and closing the garage door convenient, quick and easy. Sometimes the garage door opener may fail to operate as expected. This happens when the opener mechanism develops a problem. The good news is that the most common garage door problems are easy to diagnose and repair.

If the garage door opener fails to operate the garage door as expected, it is necessary to conduct a troubleshooting process to identify and fix any problem with the garage door opener.

Here are common garage door problems and troubleshooting guide explaining how to troubleshoot garage doors and openers in Denver, CO.

The garage door closes halfway

If the garage door refuses to close all the way down but gets stuck on the way, the most likely solution is to adjust the close limit switch. If the problem does not go away after you adjust this switch, raise or lower the garage door manually and inspect the binding.

The garage door starts closing then reverses

If the garage door closes then reverses before hitting the floor, adjusting the close force should solve this problem. If the door closes all the way to the floor then reverses immediately refusing to stay closed, adjusting the close limit switch should correct this problem.

The Garage Door Refuses To Operate with the Remote Control

If the garage door refuses to close or open when using the remote control but operates properly with the wall switch, there are several possibilities. First, you may be too far away in which case you need to get closer to the door. The second possibility is problems with the antenna position. Ensure that the antenna on the motor unit is hanging downwards. If the problem continues, replace the remote control battery or reprogram the remote following the instruction manual.

The Garage Door Opener Does Not Respond To the Remote Control or Wall Switch

If the garage door opener refuses to operate when using the remote controller or wall switch, the problem is usually with the power source. To correct this problem, ensure the motor unit is plugged into the power source. If the problem continues, check that the circuit breaker, fuse and GFCI are working well.

The garage door fails to open

If the garage door won’t open using the opener, the limit switch needs moving closer to the motor unit. If you notice the motor is still running even after the garage door opens, move the limit switch further away from the motor unit.

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