Common Garage Door Problems and How to fix them

Normally garage doors operate smoothly but the daily use of garage doors makes them prone to problems, breakdowns and damages. Most of the common garage door problems in Denver are minor and simple to fix and you can fix them instead of calling a professional repair service.

However, it is always advisable to contact a Denver garage door repair specialist for all repairs to prevent injuries. Here are the most common Denver garage door problems homeowners in Denver face and quick, and easy ways to fix them.

The Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

Check whether the springs are broken or frayed and replace them, as these are responsible for moving the door up and down.

Applying lubricant such as grease to the hinges should fix the issue. You should also check the track for dirt and clogs and clear them. Ensure the alignment of the tracks and sensors is correct. You can also check for and tighten any loose screws and bolts while wearing a helmet.

If you use an electric opener, check the keypad and ensure the opener is working. If the opener is not working, check the manual on how to reprogram it. You can also open and close the door manually by pulling the red cord near the opener to activate the manual operation.

The Garage Door Won’t Close Properly or Closes Halfway and Goes Up Again

Ensure there is no object blocking the infrared sensors and remove any object on the path of the beam. Ensure that the sensors are in good working condition by moving your hands on the path between the two red lines. The red light should go on and off and ensure the light is steady and not flickering. If flickering, check the alignment of the sensors. If the problem is due to a broken spring or cable, contact your Denver garage door specialist to replace it.

The Garage Door Opener Hums But Won’t Open

Check whether the chain is moving. If not, loosen it from the housing. If the chain is moving, check the door arm connection to the traveler mechanism. If the connection is faulty, you can re-connect by pulling the rope until the parts click together.

The Garage Door Closes Halfway and the Reverses

The garage door reverses upwards due to dry rollers, misaligned sensors, broken cables or an object blocking the sensors. Replace any broken cables, springs or dry rollers, realign the sensors and ensure there is no object blocking and preventing the sensors from sensing each other. Apply a lubricant or oil to the moving parts including the hinges and rollers.

The Garage Door Opens on Its Own

Check whether your remote’s push button is depressed. You should also check the spare remote if you have one. Correct the depressed button to eliminate this problem. This problem also occurs when the spare remote control has a weak battery and you can eliminate the problem by removing or replacing the weak battery.

The Garage Door Falls Back When Released

This happens when the extension springs wear out. You can replace the springs if you know how or call a garage door repair professional in Denver to replace them.

The Garage Doors Is Noisy When Opening or Closing

The garage door makes a popping sound whenever it moves up or down when the rollers are dry or get old. Installing new rollers will eliminate the noise.

The Garage Door Closes To the Floor and Goes Up Immediately

This happens due to a broken or misaligned front limit switch. It needs replacement or adjustment.

The Garage Opener Will Not Respond or Make A Sound

Ensure the power cord is plugged into a working power outlet. This also happens due to a push button wire problem a professional can repair. If you notice these common garage door problems and are not comfortable fixing them yourself, call your Denver garage door repair specialist to identify and repair the problem professionally.

To avoid these common garage door problems, you should have regular servicing of your garage door by a qualified and experienced garage door specialist like The Garage Doctor.

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