Garage Door Overview

A garage door is a large entryway on a garage that can either be opened manually or by a powered opener. Garage doors are large to allow passage of automobiles. Garage doors normally raise or roll upward, instead of sliding or swinging, in order to save space. The door is typically spring-loaded or counterbalanced to offset its weight and to reduce effort required for opening and closing. Doors may be insulated to prevent loss of heated or cooled air.

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New Garage Door Opener Technology

Technology is taking over new homes, and overhead garage doors are keeping pace. As garage door openers have advanced since the 1920s, the gains made in the past few years are the most startling. The new connected digital age is allowing homeowners have more control, enjoy greater convenience, and increase safety for their property and families.

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Garage Door Construction

Garage doors are generally constructed of either wood or metal steel. Each has pluses and benefits.

Wood doors can be customizable for appearance and offer a variety of options with off the shelf choices. These options range from standard, raised-panel designs to elaborate and varied architectural style, including ornate Victorian, Oriental, or simulated Carriage House designs. Wood Doors are available in several different species of wood and can either be paint or stain grade.

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Garage Door Preventative Maintenance

Several problems can occur with a garage door and, if the door is not regularly maintained, reduce its functional lifespan. Automatic garage doors are common and are more in need of regular maintenance than manual doors. The weather in Denver is highly variable across a range of temperatures and put added stress to the garage door mechanisms. Proper maintenance will prevent the need to call a garage door repair company.

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Replacing a Broken Garage Door Window

Garage door windows need to be replaced as soon as possible if they are broken. Unlike a standard house window, the garage door window is part of a moving structure, and it is likely to drop broken glass. To replace a window, a pair of protective gloves, a rubber mallet, a tape measure, and a ladder are needed. Part of the procedure is a two person job.

The first step, and the most important, is to remove power if the door has an opener. Unplug the power cord from the overhead electrical outlet.

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